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Welcome to the registration page for the International Youth Convention 2024!


Please Note: Each individual must register separately. If there are more people to register, please submit this form again with the other persons' data. If needed, you can use the same email address.

Registration is only complete when full payment is made.

Personal Information
Enter your contact information or the contact information of the person you are registering.
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Contact Information

Registration Options

Full even participation:

  • ⁠ – €40/day for children – Total: €240 [NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE]
  • ⁠ – €45/day for adults – Total: €270 [NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE]

Weekend-only participation:

  • ⁠ – Accomodation, Program and Meals – Total: €100 [NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE]
  • ⁠ – Only Program and Meals (NO ACCOMODATION) – Total: €60

There is a €5 per person for the whole week (as a one-time fee).

Additional Information
Music is going to play a crucial role in the event, and we believe that you can make it even more special. So, let us know how you would like to get involved with music, and we will make it happen!
Excursion Registration
The cost of transportation will be calculated based on the number of people attending the excursion, and it will be lower if more people participate. These costs will be calculated and communicated to you after the registration for the tour is closed.
Our payment processing system is handled securely through Stripe and PayPal. Please note that the total amount indicated below includes all applicable fees.

If you wish to pay with your credit/debit card, choose the Stripe payment option.
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