You arrived to Poland! Let us explain you how to get to International Youth Convention place 🙂

If you arrived at the Airport in Katowice Pyrzowice you need to take the bus and go to Katowice Station. In the link below you will find the bus timetable

Then from the center of Katowice you need to get to the train station and buy a train ticket to Wisła (Convention place)

At the railway station there are vending machines where you can buy tickets.
You can also download app KOLEO and buy ticket there.

From Katowice Centre you have to ride by train to Wisła Uzdrowisko. From there somebody from our Polish group will drive you to Convention place. 

Please contact us earlier about this. Here are What’s App numbers to people who you should contact:

Brother Paweł Zając : +48 601490021
Brother Karol Mączka : +48 882594596
Brother Sierhii Koshan : +48 888859908
Brother Dawid Mitas : +48 792473443

If you arrive in Poland sooner than July 29 and need accommodation then you can spend the night in our Polish church. However, you need to inform Brother Paweł or Sister Oliwia Zając ( +48 601490021 +48501124849) about it.

If you arrived at the Airport in Krakow, then you need to take the train and get to Kraków Główny station
Then you need to change trains and get to Katowice station. The best way is to use the KOLEO app to buy a ticket

In Katowice you have to change trains and choose the one that goes to Wisła Uzdrowisko station

The distance from Wisła Uzdrowisko to Hotel Vestina is around 7 km and there is no bus or train.

The exact address of the hotel and the place where the conference will be held :

Hotel Vestina:
Malinka 35
43-460 Wisła

Place where our worships and services will be held:

Cieńkowska 2A, 43-460 Wisła


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